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Thank you for visiting Johnson's AC & Heating Service — Henderson County's trusted mini split repair professionals for over 40 years! If you use a mini-split to heat and cool your residential or commercial space, give us a call for expert unit repairs, service, and more.

Our team at Johnson's is here to help Gun Barrel City stay comfortable year-round with professional HVAC repairs and service.

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Consider Upgrading If...

  • You are calling a repairman frequently
  • The air conditioner doesn’t cool all the rooms in your home evenly
  • There is excessive dust in your house because of your ac system
  • Your energy bills keep going up because of an inefficient unit
  • You are building a new addition to your home and need a larger unit

Does Your Mini-Split Need Repair?

Wondering if your mini-split system needs repair or service? In Henderson County, it's important to be sure your heating and cooling system is in tip-top shape year-round. If you're not sure whether or not you need professional service, here are four signs that it's time to call a pro at Johnson's to service your mini-split:

  1. Loud Noises From Your Outdoor Unit: : If you're noticing loud and unusual noises coming from your outdoor unit, that could indicate a motor, compressor, or reversing system failure. Reach out to us ASAP if you notice this problem with your mini-split in Northeast Texas.
  2. Low Air Flow: If your unit isn't providing the output and airflow you're expecting, that's a good sign to get your mini-split checked by a professional. This could be any number of issues, from clogged filters to an internal system problem. Our team at Johnson's can help you diagnose and repair the problem with your mini-split.
  3. Zone Control Issues: Zone control differentiates mini splits from other ductless heating systems, so if you notice problems with that function in your home or office, it's a sure sign to call our team of HVAC professionals.
  4. Short Cycling: Finally, short cycling is a sign to look out for if you believe your mini-split may need repair. If your mini-split unit is turning off before it completes its cycles, reach out to Johnson's AC & Heating Service to repair your mini-split and regain efficiency.

Mini-Split Maintenance and Tune-ups

Living in the Henderson County area, you'll want to be sure your mini-split is functioning efficiently year-round. The best way to maintain your mini-split system is with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Sure, our HVAC systems may run into a problem and need repair every once in a while.

But if you notice that you're regularly experiencing problems with your system and often reaching out for emergency repair, it may be because your mini-split needs regular tune-ups and maintenance from a professional. Our team at Johnson's AC & Heating Service can get your Northeast Texas home or office mini split system working at their best again. Set up with a Maintenance Agreement for regular tune-ups and professional attention from our team in the Gun Barrel City area.

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Henderson County's Trusted Mini-Split Repair Provider

At Johnson's AC & Heating, we want our friends and neighbors in the Gun Barrel City area to feel comfortable in their homes or offices year-round. That's why we love working with mini-split units.

Mini-splits are ductless air conditioning units that can both cool and heat the space they're in. Plenty of Northeast Texas homes and businesses choose mini-split systems because of their versatility in heating and cooling and their unique ability to offer "zone control," letting you set different rooms to different temperatures. This is great for offices or homes, where temperatures and comfort preferences can vary throughout a space. Mini-splits are great for Northeast Texas weather — whether you're dealing with the hot summer days or the cold winter months, a mini-split unit can help you stay comfortable all year long.

Our team at Johnson's AC & Heating Service values your comfort about all else. That's why we're proud to provide trusted professional repairs and service on your residential or commercial mini-split unit.

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